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"Daring, ambitious, and high-concept... Cohen's polished production is a world unto itself, a beautiful nightmare whose wry humor and inky darkness make it a strong candidate for Off-Broadway." April 2012, Music Connection Magazine


"Confessions of a Shadow is a musical that looks to blow the roof off of the genre – it is a once in a lifetime experience for listeners and those that crafted the effort. Give it a go today." Rating: 9.1/10 - James McQuiston, NeuFutur Magazine







Director Tristan Bernal presents a stunning, nihilistic depiction of teenage angst and alienation in his dark, disturbing visual interpretation of the controversial Catman Cohen feature song, ZERO, the opening track in Cohen's new CD...Confessions of a Shadow.

For every teen who ever felt invisible or ignored, ZERO captures the suicidal self-loathing juxtaposed against a profound yearning to be loved, a struggle for acceptance so rarely realized by those young oddballs who our society considers to be less than "perfect."

Moreover, ZERO stands as a poignant visual metaphor for those in our society (the unemployed....the financially bankrupt.....the uninsured sick and injured.....the hungry and homeless....and all other suffering people in crisis) who feel profoundly worthless and invisible as they maneuver through an often hostile world that typically affords dignity, status, and value only to the rich, beautiful, and smugly satisfied.

Indelible images of anguish seeped in bloody despair provide the backdrop to a haunting electronic song whose eerie wailing notes will reverberate in your head long after the music ends.




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Confessions of a Flash - Flash music website


These are my confessions
Secrets of my mind
Everything that mattered
Truth I can not hide

Nothing but a shadow
Distant memory
What I was, What I am
What I’m supposed to be

Forgive me, God, forgive me
For being so unkind
Cynical and blind

To those who thought they knew me
And those who never did
To those who hear my songs
In the places where they live

I offer my confessions
Honest to the core
Offer my confessions
There won’t be anymore

No more…

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